Mercado - Mercat de la Boqueria - Barcelona
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13 comentarios en “Mercado – Barcelona”

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  1. Piet Osefius:

    Great moment to take a photograph, you can feel the desolation!

  2. tom:

    What a contrast compared to the time when the market is open.

  3. Jason:

    The vantage point really makes this for me. Like the previous commentor stated, you can really feel the desolation. Love your style.

  4. Rewolve44:

    What a great photo, simply superb.


  5. Jens Ljungkvist:

    Wow, when the market place is empty and it it isn’t clean it looks like a scene from The Fifth Element. A dark and futuristic world.

  6. jelb:

    a&n interesting serie..Always an amazing range of tones..bravo!

  7. Jason:

    Really fantastic perspective and scene. Your B&W images are amazing. Love the series from this location 🙂

  8. David Gamiz:

    A que te subiste para hacer esta foto ? 🙂
    El resultado es genial.

  9. Marco:

    Nice, you shot this from a very interesting position. Great shot!

  10. djib:

    Great point of view! Composition and contrast are excellent.

  11. moodaholic:

    This looks absolutely stunning!

  12. Céline:

    Very beautiful b&w !