Malas noticias - Barcelona
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11 comentarios en “Malas noticias – Barcelona”

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  1. Luis Gomez:

    Me encanta esta imagen! EXCELENTE!

  2. Fritsch:

    Drowning in bad news never looked better. Such a sstrong Robert Frank feel to it & an excellent frame. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. andrey samolinov:

    Very dynamic and expressive picture
    Great work

  4. tom:

    Superb shot. I like how you framed it. The guy sitting there obviously hit by the news, time standing still for him while the world around him is moving on.

  5. fotografia ?lubna:

    This is what I call MOTION, nice shot.

  6. jorge:

    y eso que no era Clarín

  7. Luisa:

    Oportuna la referencia a Robert Franck. Muy buena foto, es una historia muy bien contada. La figura en la sombra a la derecha cierra la historia.